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Our Data Appending Services give better access to target the audience of any industry and any location. Get your desired business list from Techno Prospects.

Build high-quality email or phone contact list with the high level Executives and Administrators of all businesses.

Our Email lists are frequently updated through Tele-verification. We do <1.5 million verification calls per month for removing incorrect data.

Boost B2B and B2C marketing via direct marketing, Telemarketing and Online marketing campaigns with our targeted Email Appending Services.

B2B Fax Append Services | Select Append Services By Business

  • Advertising/Sales/Marketing Business Fax Append
  • Agriculture, Farming and Fishing Business Fax Append
  • Automotive and Transportation Business Fax Append
  • Education, Colleges Institutions Fax Append
  • Building and Construction Industry Fax Append
  • Electronics Industry Fax Append
  • Engineering Executives Fax Append
  • IT Professionals Fax Append
  • Banking and Financial Services Business Fax Append
  • Foodservice and Hospitality Business Fax Append
  • Business Executives, HR Fax Append
  • Manufacturing Industry Fax Append
  • Medical, HealthCare and Nursing Services Business Fax Append
  • Multimedia and Communications Industry Fax Append
  • Printing, Paper and Publisher Industry Fax Append
  • Retail and Furniture Business Fax Append
  • Scientific and Research/Development Industry Fax Append
  • Technology and Computer related Fax Append
  • Travel and Tourism Industry Fax Append

Technoprospects Is Expert At Providing

  • 100% Opt-in Email List – All emails are responsive for quality leads
  • 100% SMTP Verified Email Lists + 100% Free Match Test
  • Higher Match Rates – Over 50% to 95%+
  • Low Investment, Higher ROI + Brand Reach
  • Quality Control – Through Automated Email Validation Services
  • Deliverability Guarantee – In Specified Time based on Requirement
  • Fastest Turnaround – Receive your match report within 48 hours!

We Help You To Get High Quality Business Leads With Our Fax Number Append Services

Our Top Data Append Services


DUNS Number Append

Get complete details of company Credit History, Formation, No. Of Employees and much more. Appending is efficient & percentage is 30%-60%.

Fax Number Append

Techno Prospects helps you to add missing fax numbers to your customer database based on Company name, Email and Address.

Reverse Email/Contact Append

Our Reverse Email Append Service adds missing details like title, mailing address, phone/fax numbers, State and Zip Codes to your email list.

Postal Append Services

Append Match Case is 80%-100%. Get any company details corresponding postal address or zip codes of any state.

Alternate Contact Append

Techno Prospects provides Alternate Contact Append Service, with a database of 32 million business executives with complete contact info.

Email Validation Service

Validate Email lists, Clean email lists with our accurate data. 20k+ Happy Clients. Email Spam Trap Detection Service. Reduce your bounce rate by <90%.

Web Address Append

Our append Services give better access to target the audience of any Company and any Industry. Get your desired web address list.

Email Append Service

Business Email Append Services by Techno Prospects are 100% verified Email Appending at Cheap Price. Get Free email list up to 100 contacts.

Phone Append Service

Phone Append contains B2B Phone Numbers List of 250+ million records of US, UK, South America, Africa and APAC Regions. One Click Inquiry.

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Append Fax No. To Your Database

As a meticulous replica of the phone appending service, we also have the fax appending service, which again is matched against our colossal restructured database and the misplaced or in delicate fax numbers are affixed to your database.

Since multi-channel marketing strategy is very effective, fax appending is also one of our vital services.

Fax Number Append Percentage (%)

Our business fax append percentage diverges depending on the explicit of the names in your record. Your record must match our database record exactly in order to append a fax number; otherwise, no match will be given. The average percentage appended is 40% to 75%.

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